Gitlab Runner も Docker で実行して minio と同じネットワークに入れれば --publish 9005:9000 などせずに --cache-s3-server-address 'minio:9000' で大丈夫かと思いきやそんなことはありません(最初そうしようとしてあれー?と思いました)。
  • store them* to Minio However, while the static files were being copied during collectstatic The exception below occurred, and I don't understand why it occurred.

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    Minio client component. We will build up the code as we walk through the tutorial but you can grab You can setup Minio in a few minutes by following the official guides for Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

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    Feb 06, 2017 · The host is created using docker-machine with the digitalocean driver. The containers are configured with docker-compose and it all works both locally and with the virtualbox driver. Curiously (to me) on virtualbox docker-machine set things up to run as the docker user, on digitalocean it seems to run as the root user.

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    docker-compose 搭建minio对象存储服务. MINIO_SECRET_KEY: "password" command: server /data restart: always logging

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